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We at Osceola Christian Fellowship are a conservative Christian church dedicated to walking in obedience to Jesus Christ. We endeavor to nurture our members as well as our visitors in the love of Jesus.

People call us Mennonites, but we are really a group of people living out Matthew 5,6, and 7.  As such, we network extensively with other Anabaptist churches, missions, publishing houses, and educational centers.

We hold to the doctrines expressed in the Dordrecht Confession of Faith. We believe in the triune God, and allow his Word and his Spirit to direct our thoughts, our actions, and our lives. We believe the voice of the church should influence our daily lives, and attempt to order our work world, educational priorities, and family lives to Christ’s kingdom values. A brief summary of several of our practical expressions can be found on our standard of practice.

We find that community is an ideal way to express Christ’s teachings of loving our brother. At the time, our community consists of 22 families and 68 members.

We have 7 guests and no members online